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With the H0, Franck Muller Replica Reinvents Liquid Timekeeping

Franck Muller Replica

High watchmaking is undergoing a sea change, driven by the convergence of mechanical and liquid watchmaking.

Replica Franck Muller Swiss H0 black

The Clepsydra Today

Watchmakers have been taking great care to prevent water and dust from entering their watches for centuries. Special case systems were developed by companies to allow watches to be submerged in water while keeping the movement safe from theintrusion of water.

They are a singular success, and even the most novice watch-lovers know that water can cause damage to the watch's mechanism.

That has all changed thanks to the 2012 introduction of H1 and Franck Muller Swiss Replica

I can recall many people in the watch industry laughing and scoffing when Franck Muller Replica launched its first watch. They were certain that Franck Muller Replica would fail. And fail spectacularly. Franck Muller Replica has survived despite, or maybe because of these naysayers and is now one of the most respected independent companies. It thrives in a time when many technology- or design-driven brands are struggling or disappearing entirely.

Why is Franck Muller Replica so successful when other companies have failed?

Gregory Dourde CEOof Franck Muller Replica says it is the perfect blend of classic and cutting-edge in one watch. This is something that no other company has.

Dourde points out that Franck Muller Replica stands for Hydro Mechanical Horology. Inreality, we have two DNAs with whom to play. The first is traditional horology as it is realized in the mechanical movements. This is a more traditional aspect of watchmaking's history. Although our watchmaking is modern, it is still mechanical watchmaking that has been handed down for centuries.

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